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That whole home alone thread got me thinking. Why do I seem to always get stuck hiring weirdos like him. I hired a guy 2 weeks ago. The first day we were taping I was on stilts and I told my other guy to get me a knife. The new guy reaches down pulls his pant leg up and pulls a small dagger out of his home arrest bracelet. I said that is ok Jack Sparrow I wanted a 5'' knife. The next day I had the guy running flat box he stops mid seam and tells me he is confused. I say just push with left hand and pull with right hand and run. He says no it is something else. He then proceeds to tell me that he has seen into the future but he is freaked out because he isn't supposed to know. I say hey look a high nail and went and grabbed my drywall hammer and put it in my loop on my pants. A couple rooms later he starts telling me about his crazy ex girlfriend. he says that one day she was acting all nuts so he starts telling her about god. All of a sudden jesus spoke to him and said STOP! she isn't to know. After that I said well it looks like your work here is done. But every time I put an add in the paper or online I always run through about 3 of these guys before I find 1 decent guy.
Category: Drywall Post By: BETH CHAMBERS (Portland, ME), 03/16/2018

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